Beatriz Salvador

Member of the Cancer Committee

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

Affiliation: University of Cardiff, Hadyn Ellis Building, Room ECSCRI, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ

I finished my BSc in Biology at Universidad de Alcalá (Alcalá de Henares, Spain) in 2013, and then moved to San Pablo CEU University (Madrid, Spain) to study my MSc in Clinical Research Applied to Oncology (2013-2014).

I joined Dr. Melchor Álvarez de Mon lab as Research Assistant in 2012 and collaborated in a project to characterize Recent Thymic Emigrants in Reumathoid Artritis patients treated with Rituximab.

In 2014 I started my PhD at the Spanish National Cancer Research Institute (CNIO) supervised by Dr. Manuel Hidalgo and Dr. Marcos Malumbres, to study CDK4/6 inhibitors in combination with standard chemotherapies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. After finishing my PhD, I did a short 5-month postdoc at Malumbres lab.

In 2019 I moved to Cardiff University to Hogan lab where during my postdoc I studied cell competition in pancreatic cancer initiation. Currently, I am Research Fellow at the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute at Cardiff University, hosted at Hogan lab, where I study pancreatic cancer development to identify new early detection biomarkers and ways to prevent its development.