2020 Edition

3rd edition of Science-me a Story (2020)

Year after year Science-me a Story attracts the interest of more and more people, from writers, scientists, scientific communicators and many other science passionates to parents and professionals from the education sector looking to read and use these stories with children. The 3rd edition of this writing competition opened on the 18th February 2020 and since that day until the 20th April 2020, we received 107 stories participating in the category of Spanish stories and 130 stories participating in the category of English stories. These were coming from 42 countries!

Our amazing judges did then a very good work evaluating them, assessing not just the science, but also the language, style, age-adequacy and values.

These were the winner stories in the Spanish category:

1st “Doctora, ¿qué le pasa a mi elefanta?” de Marta Renato Sánchez.

2nd “El nuevo mundo de Sofía” de Jesús Victorino Santos.

3rd “Los caballeros de la mesa viruela” de Paula Mariel Liveratore.

And these were the winner stories in the English category:

1st “War” by Alexandra Gurzau.

2nd “A pop and a pong” by Hayley Down.

3rd “I wonder…” by Olivia Brinkley-Green.

All these stories and also the finalist ones will be progressively published in the websites of Principia Kids and The Literature and Science Hub of the University of Liverpool. We will be adding the links so you can read and enjoy them.

The finalist stories were:

Última investigación” by Sara Márquez Saldaña.

El pequeño Semmelweis y el misterio de las dos salas” by Paola Martínez Pestana.

Ahora que somos mariposas” by Elizabeth Hernández Apráez.

El test de Noa” by Íñigo Bretos Ullívarri.

La cuna de los héroes” by Marcos Llemes.

Las sombras me lo dirán” by Diego Castejón Molina.

El porqué de las abejas” by Lidia Delgado Calvo-Flores.

Los gomifantes peludos by Silvina Troicovich.

Las aventuras de Sadie y Cool, el gato cuántico by Ana María Franco Martínez.

Hongo Salvador” by Miryam de los Milagros Galantes.

El equipo pies by María Julia Jiménez García.

Alba descubriendo el mundo que la rodea by Andrea García-Junceda Ameigenda.

A tiempo by Antonio Manuel Molina Aguilera.

¿Por qué nos sigue la Luna? by Martha Irene Saladino.

Solo luz y otros hallazgos by Ulises Jesús Saldaña Salazar.

Un singular monstruo comegalletas” by Rebeca Urazán Benítez.

Una charla para amenizar la recarga by Álvaro Doñoro Pina.

Sueño + perseverancia = éxito by Celia Rodríguez Badía.

Una de tantas heroínas by Melina Carrillo.

A different kind of Corona by Lily Holbrook.

Atta the leafcutter ant and the discovery of antibiotics by Lorena Fernández Martínez.

No time machine needed by Nic Cullinan.

Stella the Sea Anemone by Helen Robertson.

Suzie McBash and the Handwashing Dash by Ateret Haselkorn.

The Drone by Terence Morley.

The little virus who got lost by Isabel Murillo Cabeza.

The mystery of the hairy vases by Capucine Korenberg.

The biggest dome in the world” by Alex Barr.

The bravery of Beatrice Braeburn by Rebekah Sangster.

Superhero Cells by Deannah Blackley.

States do matter” by Sarah Pritchard.

Rosie the Erythrocyte by Sharon Hammad.

Selfless service of trees by Ananyo Bhattacharyya.

Respect the Ocean by Malvika Dekhane.

Jack Junior, a brain organoid by Fani Golemi.

Greg’s Great war by Terence Talagon.