1, 2, 3… Explore! is the blog of the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU).

The SRUK blog started in 2016 with the aim to disseminate the research of our members to the public, which allows our readers to learn more about different interests and opinions in diverse scientific fields. Since we started the SRUK blog in 2016, our posts have covered diverse topics: from the Zika virus to the evolution of galaxies or the application of nanoparticles in cancer diagnosis.

This blog is an initiative of SRUK Press Office, born under Ruth Garcia de la Calle supervision in 2016. Maria Barreira was the editor in chief in the first season (September 2016 to September 2017). Laura Martinez and Margarita Segovia were co-editors in chief the second season (October 2017-June 2018) and Margarita Segovia and Susana de Lucas in the third season (October 2018-June 2019). Sandra Álvarez and Margarita Segovia are the current co-editors in chief. The content of each post in the SRUK Blog is responsibility of the corresponding author(s). Therefore, the viewpoints expressed on the blog are those of the author(s) of each post, which do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of SRUK/CERU.

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