2018 Edition

1st edition of Science-me a Story (2018)

The very 1st edition of Science-me a Story launched on the 10th March 2018 and from then until the 20th May 2018, we received 31 stories participating in the category of Spanish stories and 21 stories participating in the category of English stories. All of them coming from a total of 9 countries.

We had the privilege of having a very professional and experienced panel of judges that selected the following winner stories.

In the Spanish category:

1stMaría y el códice perdido” de Ester Martí Sentañes.

2ndUna hermana para la célula Celia” de Ana Isabel Rodríguez Rodríguez.

3rdHola, Señora E. Coli” de Isabel Murillo Cabeza.

3rdSe caen las estrellas” de Consuelo Cid Tortuero.

In the English category:

1stNormal Jenny” by Anthony Lewis.

2ndThe Banyan Tree” by Eleanor Palmer.

3rdA reef to call home” by Asiem Sanyal.

And one year more, thanks to Principia and The Literature and Science Hub of the University of Liverpool, you can also read the finalist stories!

El ayudante de cocina y la cuchara mágica” by Rodrigo Delgado Salvador.

Maya y Molloy” by Lidia Delgado Calvo-Flores.

Las aventuras de Matraz y Gotero” by Beatriz Roldán.

Mi hermano es un científico” by Cristina Silvia Hansen Ruiz.

El viaje de Talas by Elena García Martín.

Un regalo inapropiado by Paulina Cerna.

El niño de la sombra by Yaiza Cortés Gómez.

Helado de fresa by Fernando Gomollón Bel.

Code Breakers’ by Lexi Bickell.

Jamie’s Monsters’ by Liz Kalaugher.

Poppy’s Extraordinary Glasses’ by Emily Nordvang.

The Big Burping Experiment’ by Anna Faherty.

She was a radio astronomer, meant to discover new stars’ by Maria Cristina Rodriguez Rivero.

The clever handcrafter’ by Mia Von Scheven.

Maxwell’ by Chris Robbins.

Talking to the Chameleon’ by Alex Perry.

From the Past‘ by Selina Groh.

All these stories can be read online following the links. Enjoy them!

We celebrated the closing ceremony on the 6th October 2018 at the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester, and featured a writing and reading workshop by Dra. Mariana Casale.