How is Brexit perceived by Spanish students and researchers?

On 17th November 2017, the 4th edition of the workshop “CienciaUK 2017: La carrera investigadora y otras profesiones científicas en Reino Unido” was celebrated in Madrid, Spain. This workshop was focused in professional development, providing information and guidance related to the different scientific careers available in the United Kingdom. More than 100 students and researchers attended this workshop, especially undergraduate and PhD students who came from different parts of the country, as well as post-doctoral researchers and principal investigators interested in the United Kingdom.

SRUK distributed a brief survey among attendees to gather their views on Brexit. 56% of them were considering moving to the United Kingdom. However, when asked about their perception on Brexit, 71.6% of the respondents considered that the United Kingdom is rather or much less attractive now than before Brexit. Their main concern was whether the rights of European citizens and the mobility facilities to move to the United Kingdom will remain after Brexit. The report with the results can be downloaded here.