· SRUK Scotland-Online event

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Webinar/Online Workshop

10:00 – 14:00 (UK time) 

Do you want your science to captivate your audiences? Have you ever wondered what’s the secret behind engaging speakers, or more impactful presentations or posters? Learn how to improve your science communication skills in our online workshop.


• “The ABC of graphic communication”, Cristina Gallego Páramo

Basic design rules to improve instantly!
In the workshop we will learn how to apply some simple and general visual language basics, that will help you to start better organising the information in your documents, posters, presentations… You don’t need to be skilled in art or design to start applying these guidelines!

• “Engaging people with science: The power of surprise”, Ana Payo Payo

Story-telling and humour
During the workshop, we will develop public speaking skills and discuss how to better interact and pitch our messages to different audiences.


Cristina Gallego Páramo

She is a scientist that also loves art, and believes that both can benefit from each other. During her PhD in Biochemistry, she started as well to deepen her interest and skills in graphic design as a way to improve clarity and attractiveness in science communication. She believes that, if we want science to be better communicated, it should captivate our audience: be accurate, but also beautiful. Cristina joined SRUK in 2018 and has collaborated designing graphic material for some of the events of the Scottish constituency.

Ana Payo Payo

She is an adventure-lover, scientist and speaker who advocates for diversity, science and climate action. With a strong scientific background, Ana understands that science needs to be at the forefront of scientific action. Ana works as an academic fellow at the University of Aberdeen. Her research links theoretical and empirical ecology to inform biodiversity conservation. Ana believes that, for science to shape people’s actions, it needs to be communicated effectively. She helps scientists and organisations to communicate their science through innovative performing arts. In 2018, she hosted her own science stand-up comedy TV show.

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This event has been kindly sponsored by the Spanish Embassy Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs in London. @spaincultureuk Facebook Instagram Twitter