The press office is formed by a motivated and enthusiastic team that have the overarching aim of communicating SRUK/CERU activities and disseminating the achievements of its members.

The principal objectives of the SRUK/CERU Press office are:

  • To promote the outcomes of our members’ research
  • To attract the society attention about Science
  • To promote scientific outreach
  • To inform and highlight the work and achievements of the activities and actions of the SRUK/CERU

To achieve them we use:

  • Press invitations: these documents are used to promote events organised by the SRUK/CERU constituencies to the national and regional media.
  • Press releases: they are used to summarise the most relevant information of an event organised by the SRUK/CERU.
  • Articles: these media publications serve to communicate an outstanding piece of work done by an SRUK/CERU member. As well, the Press Office facilitates the production of opinion articles that discuss current “hot” topics.

Outreach Activities

  • “En Fase Experimental” Radio programme that serves as the perfect platform to reach and inspire the general public about science.

The Online and Press departments work together to boost, develop and communicate the media activities of SRUK/CERU in a clear, transparent and truthful manner.


If you wish to contact SRUK/CERU Press office you can contact us at: [email protected]

The Press department began its journey in 2013, with Andrea Alenda as director. Ruth García de la Calle was the director from 2015-2016, during 2016-2018 was leaded by Susana de Lucas.  Currently, and during 2018-2020 was Laura Martínez Maestro. The Press office is composed by a team of twelve volunteer researchers and journalists and headed by Beatriz Castejón Vega.


Meet Our Team

SRUK/CERU is composed by 8 active constituencies, 4 departments and 4 committees, with over 125 volunteers working on a daily basis