2021 Edition

4th edition of Science-me a Story (2021)

The Science-me a Story contest is now a veteran in the literature and scientific community. Each year we receive around 150 stories that sum up very sweetly how it is to be a scientist. The 4th edition of the competition opened on the 22nd February 2021 and closed on the 18th April of the same year. During this time, we received 124 stories in Spanish and 68 stories in English.

Although poems were accepted from the first edition back in 2017, this year we introduced specific rules for the submission of these stories in our competition rules. These translated in receiving more poems than before. It was difficult for the members of the judging panel to choose the awarded and finalist stories. They mentioned that the stories portray Science, scientific method and life of a scientist accurately and according for primary school children. Enjoy reading the stories of this edition.

Awarded stories in Spanish

1stAri y el tarro de las nubes” by Álvaro Doñoro Pina

2ndEl tren” by Iván Borja Hernández Barrera

3rdLoquita por sus huesos” by Dani González Escudero

Awarded stories in English

1st Scientists ‘R’ Us” by Joanna Todd

2nd Life By The Book” by Barry Neenan

3rd Barn Owls and Bookworms” by Hanna Geshelin

Finalist stories

As from previous years, the finalist stories were also published in the websites of Principia Kids and the Literature and Science Hub of the University of Liverpool respectively. You can read them following the links below.

Salchicha, el videojuego” by Ana Hochenleyter Rodríguez

Plutón ya no existe” by Juan José Díaz Carpintero

Lombrices curiosas” by Diego Javier Celdrán

Mariposas migrantes” by Julieta Montelongo de la Parra

¡Sigue el cable!” by Fernando Antolín Morales

¿Quién mató a Leptón?” by Daniel SanMateo

¿Cómo digo que te amo?” by Marcos Llemes

Don Alexander” by Mónica Inés Napp

Sars Wars Episode III” by Tanvi Butola

Friend or Foe” by Kate Higgins

Luis and the SnakeBot” by Yvonne Taylor

A World Without Science” by Giacomina Laura Sheridan

Blind as a Bat” by Ebony Gunwhy

The Secret World” by Ayshan Aliyeva

Who Makes it Best?” by John Carlo S. Sarrosa