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    "Extensive career opportunities for scientists outside academia"

    Different speakers highlighted the wide range of professional possibilities for researchers beyond academia during the “III Workshop: Science UK 2016: The research career and other scientific professions in the United Kingdom” held last November. This workshop was organized by SRUK and the Fundación Ramón Areces with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).




    “A world full of professional alternatives for scientists”

    The "III Workshop: Science UK 2016: The research career and other scientific professions in the United Kingdom" highlighted the wide range of professional alternatives within the private sector that exist for scientists beyond academia. SRUK and the Fundación Ramón Areces in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation organized this workshop for Science and Technology (FECYT).


    La Vanguardia


    “The million pound Spanish researcher”.

    Maria Jiménez, Research Fellow at King’s College London and SRUK president, explains in this interview the project that she leads, studying the implication of glial-neuronal cells in Alzheimer´s disease. The Medical Research Council funds this ambitious research project for the next five years with a million pound grant. According to Jimenez, this project “can provide clues for new therapeutic strategies”.


    La Razón


    On the way to innovative Spain: re-designing the R&D concept

    In Spain, public budget for Research and Development has been cut off for 4 years, and even longer in the private sector. The lack of investment drowns the system, neither offering competitive conditions nor stability for researchers and foreign companies. Dr Emma Martínez Sánchez, director of the SRUK Scientific Policy Committee, comments how Spain could become a scientifically innovative and competent country. Emma highlights the relevance of self-management and politics-independency of scientific organizations as well as the necessity of short- and long-term strategic plans to achieve it.


    El País


    CERU is awarded the Institution for Innovation Support 2016 by FEI

    FEI (Foro de Empresas Innovadoras) aims to recognize the work of different Spanish institutions, companies and people that have contributed to promote innovation. This year, in the 4th edition of the awards, SRUK, Nimgenetics and David Ríos have been recognized with the awards. SRUK former presidents, Lorenzo Melchor and Eduardo Oliver, explain that SRUK is not only an institution that supports innovation but also supports researchers.




    Research investment is not a priority in the political agenda of the Spanish government

    Emma Martínez, Director of the Science Policy Committee of the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK (SRUK) spoke with the Chemistry World about the urgent need for moving up science in the Spanish political agenda, and reach the promised investment on Research and Development to 2% of GDP by 2020.


    Chemistry World


    SRUK and Nimgenetics: Recognised for their support to Innovation 2016

    SRUK is awarded the Institution for Support to Innovation 2016 by the Foro de Empresas Innovadoras (FEI). At the same time, FEI recognises Nimgenetics as the Innovative Enterprise 2016.


    Parque Científico Madrid


    María Jiménez is interviewed In Genetica Medica

    Interview to Maria Jiménez, SRUK president, in which she highlights the labour of the society from its beginning to the present, giving voice to the more than 500 members in the United Kingdom and how it has also inspired others spanish researchers to follow this path creating societies all over the world.


    Genética Médica


    Interview to Maria Jimenez, SRUK president and MRC Fellow/Group Leader in the King's College London

    In this interview, Maria Jimenez explains her career in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and how she is now managing her own research group at the King's College of London at the same time as leading the scientific and social events organized by SRUK.




    Science policy in the new Spanish Government

    In this article, Emma Martínez Sánchez and Fidel Alfaro Almagro, from the SRUK/CERU Department of Science Policy, analyse the predictions and proposals concerning science and science policies of the newly formed Spanish Government.