Margarita Segovia Roldán

Co-editora ejecutiva del Blog CERU

Participación en CERU

Margarita Segovia Roldán, graduated in Biology at the University of Seville (Spain) in 2006. At the end of that year, she joined the Department of Medical Physiology and Biophysiscs at the University of Seville to study the mechanisms of Neurosecretion through Electrophysiological and Electrochemical techniques as Patch-amperometry and conventional Amperometry. Margarita obtained her PhD on Neuroscience and Electrophysiology under the supervision of Prof. Álvarez de Toledo and Dr. Alés in 2012. In November 2012 she joined Prof. Salinas laboratory in the LMCB-MRC building at UCL (London, UK) as a Research Associate, to study the role of Wnt signalling in the mechanism underlying synaptic plasticity in Alzheimer´s disease. In 2015 she moved to the region of South-Yorkshire in UK, to join the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) under the supervision of Prof. Dame Pamela Shaw. As a Research Associate at SITraN, Margarita currently studies the mechanism underlying ALS, using Electrophysiology and iPS cells as the main tools for that aim. Margarita is part of the Yorkshire SRUK/CERU working group where she participates in the organization of its activities and events and she collaborate as well as a Press Officer from the Constituency of Yorkshire of the SRUK/CERU.