Science-me a Story is organised by a team of dedicated SRUK volunteers who love science and scientific communication. They are committed scientists that, after their workday, put all their excitement and energy together to make Science-me a Story a success.





María Pin Nó is a KTP research associate at the University of Nottingham and Cornelius Specialties working on the synthesis of renewable plastics. She was a co-founder of Science-me a Story in 2018 and is in charge of the general organization of the competition. More specifically, she is the one that replies to most of your emails, she organised all the stories you sent us, she took care of putting together the judging system and she is in charge of getting feedback from you. She also took Science-me a Story to the final of Falling Walls 2019!






Isabel Peset Martin is a senior scientist working in advanced microscopy at Medicines Discovery Catapult. She was a co-founder of Science-me a Story in 2018 and is in charge of the general organization of the competition. She especially puts all her love in our collaborations with Fundacion Lilly, Principia Kids, the University of Liverpool and the Instituto Cervantes.





Eva Garcia Alegria is a senior scientist with more than 10 years of experience as postdoctoral researcher in stem cells. She has been part of the SRUK Northwest constituency teamwork group, being involved in the organisation of different events with the aim of bringing science closer to the public. She became an active member of the Science-me a story initiative because it combines two of her passions, science and children. Being a scientist mum who talks about her work through stories has been a daily basis event in her life and being able to help others to communicate science to children in their own style makes this initiative unique. She feels really glad to have the opportunity to read so many wonderful stories during these first 3 editions and the growing interest for the public has given her the wings to continue. She is a crack recruiting judges!




Alba Iglesias Vilches is a PhD student at Newcastle University working on antimicrobial drug discovery. She loves being involved in scientific outreach activities. She has been a speaker at Pint of Science and “11 de Febrero” International Day of Women and Girls in Science. She is mainly in charge of the social networks and the website of Science-me a Story. She also coordinates the illustration of the stories and the creation of the audio stories for our Youtube channel.







Ester Pascual Baixauli is a PhD student at the Open University. Her work focuses on understanding a rare brain disease called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH). Ester is very interested in scientific writing and has collaborated with OpenLearn writing outreach scientific articles. She is also an artistically inclined person and therefore she was in charge of creative tasks such as poster design and video editing for Science-me a Story 2019.





Alberto Valero did his PhD at The University of Manchester, where he was looking at the synthesis and applications of new molecular knots. He is now working in a pharmaceutical company in Nottingham. Together with Maria and Isabel, he co-founded Science-me a Story in 2018. Apart from chemistry, he is interested in Japanese culture and language, as well as, videogames, music and digital and audiovisual arts.