Git: curso de control de versiones

Sábado 09/Mar/2024 . TBC (central London)

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Version control might be an alien concept for many people, but it is indeed at the heart of reproducible research, fundamental in software development and, ultimately, enables a good practice to keep your data organised. It becomes even more relevant when multiple researchers collaborate on a particular project and it is necessary to know who changed what, when they did that, and, potentially, to be able to easily revert those changes. When developing software (e.g., just a small script to process your data, a more serious application for your research team, or a professional-level program), not using some form of version control is just unthinkable. 

As a continuation of the SRUK/CERU Research Computing Workshop series, we will focus on teaching the basics of the main tool used for version control: Git. In addition, you will learn how to use GitHub, an online repository with which you can collaboratively work on a project while keeping all the benefits of version control. Specifically, this hands-on workshop will cover the following content: 

  • Introduction to the importance of using version control
  • Bash scripting: the basics
  • Introduction to Git
    • Learn the basics: making changes and reviewing the log history
  • Introduction to GitHub
    • How can you create repositories?
    • Keep things tidy: learn how to use «issues»
  • Applications: when will I be able to use version control?

Please note that we select our participants on a first come first served basis, so stay tuned to the updates about this event that we will be sharing across our social networks. To avoid disappointment, just submit your application as soon as registration opens so you do not miss the chance to join us! 

Coffee breaks and lunch are included. Please, indicate if you have any dietary requirements during the registration.


Dr Sandra Álvarez-Carretero

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Dr Diego Alonso Álvarez

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This workshop is suitable for beginners, and thus there is no coding skills required. Nevertheless, knowing how to use the terminal to navigate the file system will be helpful. Join this event if you want to…

  • … learn how to keep track of different versions of your work using git.
  • … share your work with others so that they can easily contribute to your project.
  • … contribute to other people’s projects.


You will need to bring your own personal computer.

The main aim of this workshop is for you to learn how to efficiently use git for version control. In that way, you will need to use the terminal. Consequently, prior to joining the workshop, you must make sure that you can access a terminal on your laptop. Please do one of the following depending on which user you are:

If you encounter any technical problems during the installation, please contact the instructors before the workshop takes place (you can find their contact details under the instructors profile, please CC both!). If we do not get back to you within 3 days, please send a message via our website form in case your email has gone to the instructors’ spam folders.

Please bear in mind that the instructors will not be troubleshooting installation problems during the workshop, and thus all attendees are required to have git installed in order to follow the course.


We are excited to announce that we are offering a limited number of microgrants to SRUK/CERU members attending this workshop! We recommend applying for one of these microgrants as soon as possible as they will be assigned on a first come first served basis by filling out this form. Do not miss the deadline, apply before March 1st to make sure you get one!

Details about the microgrants

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For example, if your open return train ticket costs £40, SRUK/CERU will cover 60% of the price, and thus will reimburse you £24.

Please note that we recommend you to book your train tickets in advance and in the equivalent of “Economy Class”; SRUK/CERU will not reimburse costs associated with 1st Class tickets. We highly encourage people to travel using public transport (if possible) to reduce the collective carbon footprint (i.e., trains, buses, etc.). If you are coming by car, please try to be more environmentally friendly by sharing any free spaces you may have with other attendees from your area. Petrol expenses will be calculated according to the UK government’s recommendations, and you will be partially reimbursed depending on your expenditure following the percentages detailed in the table above.

Please note that only VAT receipts or invoices will be accepted as a justification to claim the costs of your travel. A VAT receipt shows all the details of the expenses, including tax date, supplier’s VAT registration number, and amount paid for the goods or services. Most importantly, it will show the amount of VAT that the supplier has charged you (if applicable). Delivery notes, letters, or email correspondence are not valid VAT receipts and will not be accepted to claim a reimbursement.

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Únete a nosotros el Sábado 09/03/2024 a las 10:00, para el evento Git: curso de control de versiones