Rosa Sánchez-Lucas

Member of the International Collaborations Department

Participación en CERU

Dr. Rosa Sanchez-Lucas finished a higher engineering degree in Agronomy with a project about holm oak seedlings response to drought at the University of Cordoba. After that, she completed a master’s degree on Plant Protection, Production and Breeding with the project about nitrogen fertilization effects to frost response in olive tree. Her PhD in Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Sustainable Rural Development Engineering studied warming temperature effects on olive tree. Currently, she works as a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Plant Sciences at the University of Birmingham, studying the induced resistance of oak against powdery mildew.
During all her professional career, she has studied the effect of stress on trees: and how they respond through physiological and biomolecular approaches: 1) abiotic stress as drought (undergraduate), temperatures (master and PhD) and elevated CO 2 concentration (current postdoc). 2) Biotic stress as oak powdery mildew, oak acutate decline and ash dieback (current postdoc). 3)Epigenetics changes caused by plant (a)biotic stresses. 4) Transgenerational inheritance of epigenetics in forest trees.