Marta Pina

Co-chair del Comité de Evolución (FM) | Miembro del Comité de Wom=n

Participación en CERU

Marta is a palaeoprimatologist and evolutionary biologists interested in the origin and evolution of the primate locomotor behaviours and how the extinct species of this group moved in the past. She uses methodologies in the interplay between anthropology, physics, and engineering, as well as techniques of 3D imaging and computational modelling. Her research focuses on the morpho-functional and biomechanical study of primate that inhabited the Earth between 16 and 9 million years ago, through the analysis of fossils found in Eurasia and Africa.
Marta did her PhD in the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (Spain). After completing her PhD in 2016, she has been awarded two postdoctoral fellowships, as a JSPS fellow in Kyoto University (Japan, 2017-2019) and as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow in the University of Manchester (UK, 2020-2022). Currently, Marta is a Lecturer in Anthroengineering in London South Bank University, UK.
Marta has actively collaborated in palaeontological fieldwork campaigns in Spain and Kenya since she was an undergrad. Apart from her scientific research and fieldwork, Marta is especially committed with science outreach to the general public and she has delivered talks in local schools of Spain and Japan (e.g., “JSPS Scientific Dialogue program”).