Jose Luis Chinestra Colom


Participación en SRUK

Originally from Ibiza, I completed my degree in Chemical Engineering at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and my dissertation project was the construction of a Paracetamol Manufacturing Facility including the equipment for the Chemical Processed and all the Services required for the operation of the Plant. Upon completion of my degree, I joined the Graduate Scheme Program of Procter & Gamble where I lead projects in the field of Process Engineering, Material Sourcing and Supplier Validation.

Mid 2009, I moved to Maidenhead and at the start of 2010 started working for Unilever Ltd as a Continuous Improvement Manager. In this role, I was able to expand my skills in Lean Manufacturing and lead a variety of Efficiency Improvement projects which allowed me to progress into a Manufacturing Manager role with a team of 30 direct and indirect reports.
In 2015, keen to move to a heavily regulated industry close to my heart, I secured a job as a Manufacturing Manager at AstraZeneca in Macclesfield which is the biggest Pharmaceutical Facility in the UK which host near 3000 employees and generates 1% of the UK’s GDP.

While in AZ, I have managed teams across different areas of the business like OSD (Oral Solid Dose) and injectables (Aseptic Manufacturing). I have participated in a Global IT project as a Subject Matter Expert in the area of Making (Drug Formulation and Packing) and later took on a secondment in the Quality department that allowed me to be promoted to my current role as Senior Quality Supplier Manager.

In my current role, I work with CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organisations) across the globe that produces APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) on AZ’s behalf to ensure all their production and quality processes are supported and comply with AZ’s rigorous standards.