Clara Domingo Sabugo

Comms Manager of Cancer Committee

Participación en SRUK

Clara Domingo-Sabugo is a PhD candidate at Imperial College London focusing on the investigation of genetic alterations and genome-wide methylation changes that typify different lung cancer subtypes. She completed her BSc in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Barcelona in 2016 and participated in the study of long non-coding RNAs in neurodegenerative conditions at the Centre for Genomic Regulation. After that, she completed an MRes at the University of Edinburgh, where she participated in the analysis of DNA methylation in breast cancer and cell-free circulating DNA. In 2018, she was awarded a National Centre for Mesothelioma Research scholarship to undertake her current research as a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research with a strong bioinformatics component. She has a strong interest in Epigenetics and Translational Research and has experience as a teaching assistant in Bioinformatics.

Clara joined SRUK/CERU in 2017, becoming an active member of the online committee and the SRUK Cancer Committee.