Cecilia Huertas Fernández-Espartero

Participación en CERU

I started my research as undergraduate student in Genetic Department at Universidad de Jaén, Spain. Once I finished my degree in Biology, I continued my research there for 2 years until finish my Master in Molecular Biology. After that, I moved to Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology in Seville, where I obtained my PhD. With this work I tried to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in collective cell migration. In 2014, I moved to Barts Cancer Institute in London, as a postdoctoral researcher. During this period, I studied how a specific family of proteins, DUBs, are involved in the regulation of tumourigenesis and metastasis in vivo. After 3 years in London, I moved to Cambridge to study Integrin adhesion complex. In particular, their interaction and regulation using Drosophila melanogaster as model. I joined SRUK since 2016 as member of the working group of the Cambridge Constituency. I was the interim Director in April of 2018 being elected director from October 2018 until November of 2019.