Ana López Ramírez

Participación en CERU

I first started working in research during the last three years of my Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Granada (UGR), funded by the former Ministry of Education and Science (2002-2005). After a short fellowship by the Spanish Research Council, C.S.I.C (2006), I have been committed to the highest standard in the research of neurodegeneration. That same year I started my PhD in the laboratoy led by Profs. Acuna-Castroviejo and Germaine Escames at the Biotechnology Institute of the UGR, which aimed to provide a better understanding of Parkinson’s Disease as well as possible therapeutic approaches in a mouse model. During my PhD, two different international stays, one in Schroken (Austria) and another in Cambridge (UK), showed me the importance of abroad collaborations in research. In 2011 I was awarded with the International Excellence Campus Fellowship for postdocs and later on with the Postdoctoral Fellowship from UGR (2012) that brought me back to Cambridge. Currently I am working at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research in Prof Rubinsztein’s lab that has pioneered the idea that autophagy induction may be beneficial in many neurodegenerative diseases. I joined SRUK since 2012 and I am part of the Cambridge SRUK working group since then.