Silvia Corrochano

Fellowships Committee · International Collaborations Department

I graduated in Biology (2000) and obtained my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2006) both at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since 2007 I live and work in Oxford, at the Medical Research Council. My research has focused on unravelling and identifying pathomechanisms operating in neurodegenerative conditions, such us Huntington’s disease and ALS using mouse genetics, with the ultimate goal of developing therapeutic strategies. In relation to SRUK, I am a regular member since 2013. I am one of the first directive board members of the Oxford Constituency, founded in 2014, where I stayed for two years, and I am still today part of Working Group of the Oxford Constituency. I am interested in international collaborations and promoting network amongst scientists, in particular between Spain and UK. Therefore in January 2016 I became an active member of the Fellowship committee and the international relationships committee.