Sergio Pérez

Past Boards of Directors · Science Policy Department

Sergio P. Pérez is President’s PhD Scholar at Imperial College London, working in the interface between Applied Mathematics and Engineering Sciences. He has completed the Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Technical University of Madrid and the Master of Research in Fluid Dynamics across Scales at Imperial College London. Simultaneously, he is finalising the Degree in Mathematics at UNED, the Spanish Open University.

His research is based on numerical methods applied to Fluid Dynamics. His PhD project deals with the development of numerical methodologies to solve the Dynamical Density Functional Theory governing equations.

Sergio is an optimistic supporter of science communication and the application of science to construct a better society. He takes part in the program Ambassadors for Science at the Spanish Embassy, training in Scientific Diplomacy. With colleagues from Madrid he developed UrbanBees, with the objective of collecting air pollution from cities via drones. Others of his science and technology projects have taken place at Oxford University, Tsinghua University, InDeWaG (Horizon 2020), Beihang University or the aerospace company Aernnova.