Ruben Pérez

Press Department
Physicist by training, I work in developmental biology, genetic regulation and molecular motors from a Mathematics Department. From there I apply theory of dynamical systems and of stochastic processes to different biological questions.
I graduated in Physics at the University of Barcelona where I got my interest for stochastic and complex systems, and my interests have been at the interphase between physics and biology. I obtained my PhD studying the role of noise in the energy transduction of molecular rotatory motors such as the F1-ATPase in the department of Condensed Matter of the University of Barcelona. During my postdoc between 2013 and 2018 in the Mathematics Department of the UCL the MRC, and the Francis Crick Institute I investigated the role of genetic regulation in cell fate decision during embryo development. Since 2018 I am Clifford fellow of the Mathematics Department of the UCL, who knows what amazing projects wait in the future?