Raúl de la Flor

Online Department

Raul de la Flor is neuroscientist specialised in the measurement of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters in support CNS drug discovery programmes. He has an extensive expertise in setting up neurochemistry labs, from surgical procedures to HPLC bioanalysis, and he has succeeded at doing so within companies with the highest standards such as GSK, Pfizer or Takeda. During the last 15 years he has produced valuable data to support the progression of novel compounds to treat CNS disorders. His publication record includes data to support drug discovery programmes at target validation and candidate selection stages, compounds on clinical development, development of new methodologies to assess CNS drug candidates or novel brain pharmacokinetic measurements of medicaments.

Raul de la Flor joined Pharmidex two years ago to set up and head the CNS department. In this two years he has successfully leaded a team of scientists to develop the CNS technologies including in vivo microdialysis, brain neurochemistry analysis and a number of neurobehavioral models. In addition Raul is currently managing a number of CNS projects, client relationships and collaborating on the business development aspects of CNS department.