Nuria Lastra Calvo

Past Boards of Directors

Scientific background: I completed my BSc degree in Chemistry in the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2004. I awarded a Erasmus founding to do my final year project in Loughborough University under the supervision of Martin B. Smith entitled: Mannich condensation reactions as a versatile route to new phosphorus ligands”. Then, I came back to Spain to do my an MSc in Advanced Chemistry working within Jose M. Vila’s research group in the University of Santiago de Compostela in the synthesis of thiosemicarbazone ligands towards Pd(II) precursors. Currently, I am finishing my PhD in Loughborough University supervised by M. B. Smith in the field of organometallics. My research is focused on the synthesis of aminomethylphosphine ligands and the study of their coordination capabilities towards precious to prove their catalytic activities.

Opinion about SRUK: When I started my PhD I realised how much different is to be a scientist in UK and in Spain. I was amazed about the recognition of Science by the British society and the collaborations between colleagues in the Academia. I came across with SRUK unexpectedly and after a seminar in London where I knew more about it, I joined without thinking twice. It is wonderful to be part of a organization that despite being young, it is growing fast to bring people together with the aim to improve the Spanish system to do better Science