Marta Vila Pueyo

Fellowships Committee · Scientific Committee

I graduated in Biology (2006) and I took an MSc in Genetics in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007). Later on, I obtained a PhD in Neurosciences in the Vall Hebron Research Institute (Barcelona) under the supervision of Dr Alfons Macaya Ruiz and Dr Patricia Pozo Rosich. My PhD was focused on understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying migraine and other neurologic paroxysmal disorders, using both human samples and preclinical models. Due to my interest in the pathophysiology of migraine, in 2014 I started as a postdoctoral researcher in the Headache Group at King’s College London, leaded by Prof Peter Goadsby and Dr Philip Holland, with a Fellowship of the International Headache Society. Since then my research has focused on deciphering the physiopathological mechanisms of migraine by using in vivo electrophysiology. I am a SRUK member since 2015 and a member of the scientific committee and of the Fellowships committee since 2016.