María Jesús Gómez

I hold a degree in Biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM, Spain). After my graduation in 2008, I moved to Seville, where I did my PhD studies in the Andalusian Centre of Developmental Biology (CABD) in Dr Martin-Bermudo’s group. Here, I studied Integrins, a type of transmembrane proteins involved in anchoring cells to their surrounding extracellular matrix. More specifically, I focused on the role of Integrins in controlling cell survival and cell differentiation. In 2013, I started my postdoctoral studies in the University of Cambridge (UK), where I have lived ever since.  Now, I work in the group of Prof Sarah Bray, where I study cellular communication mediated by the Notch signalling pathway. This pathway is involved in a number of processes during embryonic development and adult homeostasis, as well as diseases, including several types of cancer. Since I arrived in UK, I have followed SRUK and participated in numerous activities organized by them in Cambridge. I was so interested in the organization that in 2016 I decided to become a member of the working group as the Press Officer.