Lorenzo de la Rica

Past Boards of Directors

I graduated in Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Salamanca in 2008. I moved to Barcelona after that to do a Masters on Drug Development. Subsequently, I did PhD at the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology Programme of IDIBELL (Barcelona), where I developed several projects on epigenetics and autoimmune disease. During my PhD years I was also heavily involved on D-Recerca and FJI/Precarios, organising protests against the rise on the PhD fees, the decrease in the public investment in R&D as well as being a member of its board of directors. In March 2014 I started a Marie Curie funded postdoc in Queen Mary University of London, identifying the role of epigenetic enzymes (TETs) in the regulation of repetitive elements of the genome in embryonic stem cells. From 2016 onward I decided to change my career, and decided to work in science funding in the charity sector. I first worked as a scheme manager at the Royal Society, where I managed their senior fellowships portfolio, and am currently working at Cancer Research UK in order to support the cancer research leaders of tomorrow at all stages of their careers, in order to beat cancer sooner.

I have been involved in SRUK’s London Working Group from my arrival to the UK in 2014. I was the Head of the Organising Committee for the 5th International Symposium SRUK/CERU (2017). I would like to ensure that everyone feels included and welcome in the constituency, and that we organise meaningful events and a broad range of activities. We want to organise not only career development and scientific events, but also opportunities for members to network both professionally and socially.