Jose Pedro Manzano

Science Policy Department

Jose Pedro Manzano (Caceres, 1994) studied Electronic Engineering (Degree, UCM, 2012-2016) and specialized in Artificial Intelligence (MRes, UNED, 2016-2017) and Data Science (MSc, UPM, 2017/2018). As a researcher, he started in the Neural Rehabilitation Group of the Instituto Cajal (CSIC) as intern student, working on neuromodulation and neurofeedback platforms (2016). Between 2016 and 2018, he researched in the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) about the progression of subclinical atherosclerosis and the links between heart and brain diseases. Currently, he is a PhD Student in the University of Nottingham, working on the multimodal biophysical modelling of the brain connectome for the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and the UK Biobank.

I consider that Science, even more when it is supported by public funding, should bring a service to the Society. Social paradigms changed faster and faster during the last 2 centuries. Unfortunately, we are checking how the politic and legislative system were not designed to be able to follow this accelerated pace; even we, scientific and researchers, do feel how we are surpassed in our field of investigation by this rhythm. What are the real risks of genetic therapies? Who is responsible if an AI algorithm fails? What is the forecasting about resources for the next 50 years with our old population?… I would say most of these issues could have a good solution if we are willing to be prepared for them. Therefore, a greater need today than ever before, I think the Science Policy is a powerful and essential tool to support objective policies and to help to prepare us to the exciting wave of changes we are going to experience.

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