Jose Manuel Muñoz Félix

Science Policy Department
José Manuel Muñoz Félix graduated in Biotechnology and also in History in 2009 at the University of Salamanca, in Spain. He obained his MSc and after a predoctoral stay in Grenoble (France), he got his Ph.D in 2015 at the University of Salamanca. His Ph.D was focused on understanding the role of two membrane receptors (ALK1 and endoglin) in kidney fibrosis development.
In 2016 he joined Barts Cancer Institute (Queen Mary University of London) as a posdoctoral researcher. His research focus in the identificancion of vascular promotion targets for tumour treatment.
He is member of the board of spanish scientific societies such as ‘Federación de Jóvenes Investigadores’ and INNOVA-Salamanca