Javier Iglesias-Gonzalez

Scientific background: Javier is a neuroscientist interested in mitochondrial physiology, bioenergetics, mitohormesis and the study of reactive oxygen species as signaling molecules. He obtained his PhD in Neuroscience in 2014 at Santiago de Compostela University under the supervision of Professor Ramon Soto-Otero and Professor Estefania Mendez-Alvarez. His PhD was focused on the role played by the mitochondria in Parkinson’s disease and his research highlighted the relevance of aluminium in the onset and progression of this disease. Currently, he is a MRC funded Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Division of Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine at the University of Manchester, working in the group of Professor Enrique Amaya. The aim of his research project is to relate the reactive oxygen species produced by the mitochondria with the scar free wound healing and the regeneration of tissues.

Opinion about SRUK: I have been always interested in the dissemination of the science into the society and SRUK is the perfect platform for it. SRUK constitutes an awesome environment to meet people, learn about new fields and keep the science that we do in the lab in contact with the people. I really admire how fast the SRUK has grown since its foundation five years ago and how a great idea can be developed with effort and commitment into something awesome. I joined the society and become member of the working group in Autumn 2014 during an informal meeting of what was then the Midlands constituency at the Bloo restaurant in Sheffield, become vicedirector of the constituency in March 2015 and its director in July 2016. I am honored to be part of this community and the Director of Yorkshire Constituency, a constituency with more than five different cities and Universities under its influence. My main objective is to generate a platform for people from very different backgrounds and provide them with the tools to disseminate their research and to network. I always advocate for a multidimensional aspect of the knowledge in which science and humanities work together in equilibrium, learning from each other. My main goal is to achieve a constituency with a strong background in several fields; a place on which everyone can feel that has respect and representation.