Javier Monzo

Past Boards of Directors

Scientific background: Born and raised in Alzira (Valencia), Javier Monzó graduated from the University of Valencia (Spain) in 2011 with a BSc in Chemistry. He carried out his final year project in electrocatalysis at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands). Since 2014, he has been a PhD student working on the development of catalysts for fuel cell applications in the group of Dr. Paramaconi Rodriguez at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom).

Opinion about SRUK: As a member of SRUK since 2015, I believe that SRUK/CERU is the ideal meeting point of the Spanish researchers in United Kingdom. SRUK/CERU provides a well-structured network of Spanish researchers around the country, which helps to establish bridges between members of different delegations as well as between English and Spanish institutions. Additionally, SRUK/CERU increases the visibility of Spanish researchers working abroad Spain in the Spanish/British society and state institutions