Irene de Lázaro del Rey

Past Boards of Directors

Irene obtained her Pharmacy degree from the University of Alcalá in 2009. Before graduating she was a summer intern in the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry (CSIC) with Dr. Maribel Rodríguez Franco and after completing her studies she collaborated with the Pharmacy and Oncology services at Guadalajara University Hospital. Irene was awarded a postgraduate scholarship from Obra Social LaCaixa and moved to the UK to join the Nanomedicine Lab under the supervision of Prof. Kostas Kostarelos and pursue an MSc in Drug Delivery (School of Pharmacy, University College London). She then started her PhD in the same laboratory where she uses cell reprogramming to pluripotency in vivo as a novel tool for regenerative medicine applications. Irene is now based at the University of Manchester, after the Nanomedicine Lab relocated to the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences within this institution.