Cristina Rodríguez Rivero

Press Department

My current research as a Postdoc in Cambridge focuses on the behaviour of fluids in manufacturing processes such as Inkjet printing. This extremely interesting set of techniques allows me to study phenomena linked to airflows, high-speed processes, image processing, drop formation and deposition, fluid instabilities, functional materials and many others. It also connects me to companies in the field, with which I can discuss the challenges they face from a different scale. I work in a very interdisciplinary environment in which concepts from microfluidics, printed electronics, biosensing to scale-up processing or digital manufacturing are also in my day-to-day vocabulary.

I am an Engineer as background but I am also very passionate about other fields of Science (and Arts and Humanities), especially Physics and Biology, and a combination of these with engineering (space exploration or synthetic biology are simply great). I really enjoy participating in outreach and public engagement events so collaborating with the SRUK Press Office seems a great way to grow this passion and to contribute in the dissemination of Science to a broader audience.