Claudia Román

Current Board of Directors

I graduated in Pharmacy from University of Valencia in 2013 after completing a year internship at La Nueva Fe hospital, Valencia, and a summer research project at Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics (JCT) in Krakow. I started to explore the reproduction field as a career and studied my master’s in Biotechnology and Assisted Human Reproduction from the University of Valencia and the prestigious Valencian Institute of Infertility (IVI). I moved to the UK back in 2015 to start my PhD adventure at the University of Birmingham. My PhD was focused in developing new methods for sperm DNA damage quantitation in the area of andrology which I successfully completed in March of 2020. Whilst writing my thesis I started working as a Research Assistant at University of Warwick in January 2019 developing 3D culture models for the study of miscarriage. In May 2020, I accepted a position as a Research Associate in the Birmingham Women’s Hospital in a clinical trial to test the potential benefits of a combined vitamin and mineral supplement in men with poor sperm DNA quality in our recurrent miscarriage population.

I remember very well joining SRUK/CERU Midlands, it was back in 2015 at the Christmas dinner! Since then, I have been a member, secretary in 2018, and director in 2019.