Andrea Alenda

Past Boards of Directors

Scientific background: I am neuroscientist with over a decade of research experience in neurophysiology of the cerebral cortex. I studied a PhD in Neuroscience at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I did a first postdoc at Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante, and a second postdoc at University College London. I am currently working as research associate and science writer at Imperial College London. I write regularly for the blog of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience and have my own blog ( My work has featured in the Society of Macular Disease webpage and University College London media. In April 2013 I joined the online team at SRUK/CERU and I have just been elected director of its online department.

Opinion about SRUK: I joined SRUK/CERU because I believe in the benefits of having a scientific community that participates actively in society, not just by promoting a better public understanding of science but also by increasing the researcher’s general knowledge beyond the scope of their own work. One of the aims at SRUK/CERU is to increase the public’s scientific awareness by facilitating the contact between scientists and members of the British and Spanish public.