11th February at SRUK: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, SRUK joins the initiative 11th February to give visibility to the role of women in research and to promote actions that lead to greater gender equality in science.

Between the 7th and the 12th of February, SRUK will flood the United Kingdom with events, from Bristol to Edinburgh, through Cambridge and Oxford. We will meet the women scientists who changed the world in the past, to work on changing the future and inspiring the new generations.


With the collaboration of the Online Department


Join us in our Twitter campaign under the hashtag #MiCientificaFavorita.

You just need to tweet from your personal account between the 5th-11th February telling us who is your favourite female scientist, why, add a picture of her labelling @ComunidadCERU, and use the hashtag #MiCientificaFavorita. Your favourite female scientist can be a famous one, but also it could be your mentor, your boss, a lab colleague…etc any female scientist that has inspired you!


STEMming girls: inspiring new women generations in STEM



City: Bristol.

Date: Wednesday, 7th February 2018, 15h

Venue: Biomedical Sciences, School of Biochemistry, Room C44 (University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD)

Speakers: Kathy Fawcett – Educational Manager at We the Curious; Carrie Rosser –Physics Teacher and Head of STEM at Bristol Grammar School; Kate Mactear -Young Member´s Board at Women in Engineering Society; Sara Alvira – Postdoctoral Researcher at School of Biochemistry

Three experts will offer multidisciplinary insights on the questions: Why are not there more women in the world of STEM? What are the problems, and possible solutions for the low number of girls who are interested in STEM careers? A round table will take place after the talks. During this part of the event, all attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the topic further, and share their reflections.



Workshop: Equality and You



City: Edinburgh.

Date: Saturday, 10th February 2018, 10-13h

Venue: David Hume Tower at the University of Edinburgh

Speakers: Jennifer Stewart, MA in gender studies

In the workshop “Equality and You”, led by Jennifer Stewart, MSc in gender studies, we will learn the basics of equality and diversity at university, in the laboratory or in other aspects of scientific life such as congresses, stays abroad or collaborations, and we will work on attitudes that can help us identify and correct situations in which we suffer or witness discrimination.


Woman in Science, a tour in Oxford



City: Oxford.

Date: Saturday, 10th February 2018, 12h

Venue: At the entrance of the Science Museum (Broad St, Oxford OX1 3AZ)

A walking tour in Oxford to visit places where women made essential contributions to the history of science



Let´s talk about… STEM Women (& Family)



City: Manchester.

Date: Sunday, 11th February, 15h

Venue: Coffee Cranks Co-op Café, Alexandra Park, M16 8PJ

We want to get together, meet and talk about the necessities, difficulties and challenges we face as woman in every step of our scientific career. And maybe, get some inspirations from each other on how to deal with them.



Women and Career Development: a long-distance race



City: Cambridge.

Date: Monday, 12th February, 18:45-20:30

Venue: Pavilion Room, Hughes Hall College

Although women account for the majority of the bachelor degrees in sciences in the Western countries, each step up the ladder of the scientific research system sees a drop in female participation until, at the highest echelons of scientific research and decision-making, there are very few women left.

In this event, talented and inspiring scientist women will show their view about how gender inequality in science and what we can learn from the past to fight it and improve the future.