11th February at SRUK: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, SRUK joins the initiative 11th February to give visibility to the role of women in research and to promote actions that lead to greater gender equality in science.

Between the 10th and the 12th of February, SRUK will flood the United Kingdom with events, from London to Edinburgh, through Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol. We will meet the women scientists who changed the world in the past, to work on changing the future and inspiring the new generations.



STEMming girls: inspiring new women generations in STEM

Bristol. Saturday, 10th February 2018

Venue and speakers: TBC

Debate about the influence that women have had in the choice of a scientific career, in both men and women. The limited interest of girls in STEM from early ages and possible strategies to revert it will be also discussed.


Workshop: Equiality and You

Edinburgh. Saturday, 10th February 2018, 10-13h

Venue David Hume Tower at the University of Edinburgh

Speakers: Jennifer Stewart

In the workshop “Equality and You”, led by Jennifer Stewart, MSc in gender studies, we will learn the basics of equality and diversity at university, in the laboratory or in other aspects of scientific life such as congresses, stays abroad or collaborations, and we will work on attitudes that can help us identify and correct situations in which we suffer or witness discrimination.


Hidden figures: Women scientist that changed the World

London. Sunday, 11th February 2018

Venue and speakers: TBC

Event oriented to families and children in which the role of historical women scientists will be narrated, to make their role known to all audiences and to inspire girls.


Woman in Science, a tour in Oxford

Oxford. Sunday, 11th February 2018, 12h am

Venue: At the entrance of the Science Museum

A walking tour around town to highlight emblematic places of the history of science and emphasizing the role of women scientists.


Women and Career Development: fighting against gender inequality

Cambridge. Monday, 12th February 2018

Venue and speakers: TBC

The seminar will consist on talks from 3 women with an introduction by a member of the Department of Equality and Diversity and/or a member of the Athena Swan committee.

The talks will focus on personal and professional careers of 3 outstanding researchers in different áreas of research and which obstacles have encountered along the way and, if applicable, how they have reconciled motherhood. The event will finalize with a round table where all the speakers will address the institutional and social mechanisms to address gender inequality.