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As a SRUK member you will be part of a large network of Spanish researchers working in the United Kingdom. Join us in our regular social, outreach or academic events, there will always be enough time for a chat with other colleagues and your connections will grow exponentially. Go to our events calendar and check what’s next in your city.

And you can also do it from home: log into your profile and search in our membership directory for those in your same area, find someone working in that university you would like to go for a post-doc… or go to the SRUK forumand ask any question related with life in the UK, fellowships… other members might know the answer.

International Research Platforms

We believe that in Science there are no borders and we want to bring together scientists from Spain and the UK. How? By collaborating with Spanish platforms like RUVID (Red de Universidades Valencianas para el fomento de la I+D+i), the ISS Aragón (Institute of Medical Research of Aragon) or the IBIMA (Institute of Biomedical Research of Malaga), creating a meeting point for scientists from Valencia and Aragó and SRUK to foster international collaborations and mobility programs.

This is just the beginning, we aim to collaborate with many more research networks and institutions in Spain and internationally. If you are looking for research collaborators or are interested in host individual researchers for a period of time, visit our International Collaboration section for more information.

Travel Grants SRUK/CERU

Every year SRUK awards eight members with a Travel Grant to attend a research conference. These fellowships intend to assist members in the dissemination of their research and in building up their collaboration network.

An important part of our members’ subscription is allocated to these grants. We want that fees revert directly in our members and the more SRUK members the higher number and higher amount will be awarded each year.

If you would like to know more about past calls or you are interested in getting funding for your next research conference, Travel Grants section.

Discounts for Members

Science is great! but we miss Spanish food, we have friends and family visiting us… and SRUK might help you with this, check our member discounts:

To enjoy any of these discounts, write an email with your membership number and name to and ask for your voucher.

Advantages for Senior members

Senior members play a key role in our association, not only they contribute with their experience but they also benefit enormously from SRUK, and these are just some examples:

  • The SRUK/CERU Scientific Committee is comprised of Senior members of the society that participate in scientific evaluations and advice the board of directors in scientific matters. If you would like to be part of this committee send an email to
  • As a Senior member you could benefit from our International Collaboration platforms to enhance the visibility of your research group, seek for potential research partners or host a researcher in your group.
  • SRUK is working to enhance the presence of Spanish researchers working abroad in evaluation committees in Spain. Senior members of SRUK have already taken part in grant reviewing for the Ramon y Cajal program or for a call from FECYT on Scientific Culture. As a Senior member, you can participate as an international evaluator by replying to the invitations for specific calls that will be announced in our newsletters.

Senior members of SRUK are research group leaders, lecturers, professionals with a high responsability… In an indicative way, those members with an annual income above £40,000 will be included in this type of membership.

Get involved and develop your skills

SRUK is run by people like you: full time researchers with very little time but lot of enthusiasm for science and for getting involved in something that will make a difference. Everything is done by volunteers, from managing our website to organizing a seminar, and everyone can help either by sharing their expertise or developing a new one. And, why not? to add a line in your CV…

Some examples of how you can volunteer:

  • Outreach activities: if you are passionate about science and like engaging with the general public, there are many opportunities with different names and modalities: talk about your research in the pub by participating in a “Pint of Knowledge” in Cambridge or in the “Science in the pub” in London, The Midlands, Oxford, Northwest or Southwest. In London, you can also be part of “Meet the scientist”, where several members give short talks. Check for a whole list of all our past eventsand send an email to your constituency if you would like to participate (
  • If you enjoy teaching children, SRUK collaborates with Native Scientist, to bring science to the Spanish community in the United Kingdom. Check their website and get involved! Send an email to for any further information on how to participate. Or you can also collaborate with Teselas and help bringing science to childre in their summer camps, Las Aventuras del Planeta Mosaico.
  • Every year in London, “Instituto Cañada Blanch” invites SRUK members to participate in their “Science Week”. Check our newsletter for the next one!
  • Constituencies working groups are the soul of SRUK. They run all the events organized in your city, from socials to seminars, and they are all volunteers. Join your working group and get experience in running events, managing people, developing new ideas… simply send an email to your working group (
  • If you would like to help giving visibility to SRUK in twitter, facebook or linkedin, or you want to learn how to manage a website, then you should join the online department. Read all about the department and its members in the Online Department section.
  • The SRUK Science Policy Committee advices the Board of Directors and the membership in science policy matters. As part of this committee, you will help in writing science policy reports to be used by the board of directors in meetings with Spanish and British institutions; suggesting and updating members about collective actions in defense of science; or writing the basis of a document of recommendations to improve the R+D+i system. If you are interested in science policy and would like to be part of this committee, just write to

SRUK/CERU helps you disseminate your research

It has taken years of work, getting the funding, doing the research with its ups and downs, writing the paper, addressing the comments of the referees and it is finally here.

So now your manuscript has been finally accepted for publication, it is all so shiny and beautiful and off it goes to the world. But who will read it? It is written for an infinitesimal audience of fellows.

Science can remain a mystery only accessible to some…or not.

How about making your work easy to understand to the rest of fellows who do not share your area of expertise? Share your work with the wider public, so they can too amaze at the wonders of discovery, get their fingers inside the flaws of old theories and peak at the edge of what there is to unravel.

As Richard Feynman used to argue: “If you understand it, you can explain it”.

If you are a SRUK member, and you are interested in disseminating your research send us a summary of your latest publication to we will spread the word, and liaise with the press so your work reaches the wider public.

Read the experiences of our members when SRUK helped them disseminate their work:

  • “The work that SINC did to disseminate the news related with our work was excellent. We simply wrote a detailed summary of our discoveries for a non-expert reader both in English and in Spanish and SINC distributed the text. A few days later our work had been published in more than 15 countries all over the world and in diverse media publications such as Scientific American, the American Institute of Physics, ABC and Libertad Digital” explains Fernando González Zalba.
  • “This is an experience to learn how to synthesize in three take home messages the impact of your research” argues Lorenzo Melchor.
  • “The communication between SRUK and the journalists was fluent. In around 24 hours we had already written the press release which came out just when the embargo finished! This was happened much quicker than in any other country that covered our research” comments Estrella Luna-Diez.


Membership of SRUK/CERU is open to everyone who wishes to join it