Brief description of “Art&Science, a SRUK initiative”


In the past decade we have seen a proliferation of galleries, laboratories and residency programmes devoted to mingle art and science. The writer and historian of science Arthur I. Miller in “Colliding Worlds” argues that these collaborations that we are seeing are the emergence of a third culture, “artsci”, where art and science nurture each other and in which boundaries dissolve.

With “Art and Science, a SRUK initiative”, we have aimed to create a space where both scientists and artists can work together, communicate and learn from each other. We propose this activity in which both scientists and artists will explore the same scientific question or hypothesis. Their different ways to approach to the same study will be presented to the general public on Saturday 17th of June in London.


Initiative stages:


· Scientist and Artists meet: Networking event where Artist-Scientist partnerships from any discipline will be created. Saturday 28th of January 2017.First round.

· Project idea creation: After the networking event proposals were sent and 9 projects were selected.

· Closure event in London and award for the 3 best artistic projects (£300, £200 and £100).

· Exhinbitions in Cambridge (date to be confirmed) and Madrid (November, winner couples). Exhibition at Fundación Telefónica gallery.


All the information on the initiative and the last updates at the Arts and Science website