Science-me a Story is not just a writing competition, we work hard all year round so that the stories reach as many families, schools and kids as possible. As part of this, we thought it was essential to illustrate the stories, and so, we ended working with many volunteer professional and amateur illustrators that wanted to contribute to Science-me a Story. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading!




Laia Anguix Vilches studied Fine Arts in Spain, specializing in art conservation. After several years working on museums and education, she moved to the North of England to do academic research on British painting. She visits lots of museums and she loves looking at and thinking about art. From time to time, she gets inspired and draws watercolors.

Laia illustrated “A Pop and a Pong” (Hayley Down, Science-me a Story 2020).




Douglas Dodds is a strange amalgamation of sculptor and illustrator, writer and publisher. After completing his masters in illustration at Falmouth University, he continued to produce various sculptors for organizations all over England, including Oxford Innovations new technology centre at the University of Essex. He has also started illustrating numerous works of literature, including 2019s Science-me a Story winner A. Rose. He recently started his own publishing and book design company ‘Watermelon Press’, and has painfully begun writing his first graphic novel From West.

Douglas illustrated “The Nodes of Ranvier” (A. Rose, Science-me a Story 2019).



Loreto Gestoso Suárez (Vigo) is a doctor in biology specialised in marine biology and a self-taught artist. She studied at the University of Vigo, where she completed her doctoral studies on the populations of benthic macrofauna in the seabeds of Zostera marina. She has worked on various scientific and environmental consulting projects in Spain, related to marine ecology and aquaculture. In 2017 she moved to the United Kingdom where she currently develops her professional activity in environmental consulting. Her professional artistic work has focused on collaborations with animal protection associations and scientific professionals, to develop brand images, illustrations for stories, comics, board games and scientific illustrations.

Loreto illustrated “Copep-mar y el globo verde” (Laura Ibáñez-Tejero, Science-me a Story 2019) and “El secreto de las chaquetas plateadas” (Magdalena I. Domper, Science-me a Story 2019).



Naiara Nieto Rementeria studied biochemistry at the University of the Basque Country, where she also did his doctoral thesis, which she completed with a stay at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris. Her career has been mainly linked to cell biology. She worked at the company Bioftalmik SL and later at the Biocruces Health Research Institute, in Bizkaia. Drawing has always been her great hobby, shared and instilled by her mother, and she has participated in the illustration of Science-me a Story 2018 and 2019.

Naiara illustrated “Normal Jenny” (Anthony Lewis, Science-me a Story 2018), “The good inside us all” (Nicholas Edward Ilott, Science-me a Story 2019) and “El nuevo mundo de Sofía” (Jesús Victorino Santos, Science-me a Story 2020).




Beatriz Olmo Castel (_CreaTrice). Technician in plastic arts and design in Selfedition, senior technician of plastic arts and design in Advertising Graphics and Primary Teacher since 2019. Passionate about design and illustration, she has illustrated and designed different didactic units for children, graphic brands, merchandising and posters, among others. Currently, she has started a personal and artistic project in social networks and the next year she will do a Master’s Degree in Editorial Design and Digital Publications, to, in her future, enter the Educational Editorials.

Beatriz illustrated “Hola, Señora E. coli” (Isabel Murillo Cabeza, Science-me a Story 2018).




Patricia Ortega Ramos is a biologist specialized in ecology and agri-environmental research. She studied her undergraduate and masters degree at the Autónoma University of Madrid. In 2017 she moved to the United Kingdom where she is currently doing her PhD at Rothamsted Research and University of Reading investigating the ecology of an agricultural pest, cabbage stem flea beetle, and their natural enemies. Since she was a kid arts and craft have been her hobbies, always willing to learn new techniques and to get involved in new challenges.


Patricia illustrated “Maria y el códice perdido” (Esther Martí Sentañes, Ciencia-me un Cuento 2018).



Helena Rodríguez Caro has a PhD in Reproduction and Women’s Health from the University of Oxford. She is currently working as a postdoc at this same university investigating the embryonic development of the cardiovascular system. Helena started doing illustrations and animations with her mother from childhood for fun. During her PhD, she discovered the need for scientific illustrators to help visually convey the discoveries and methodologies of researchers. Helena is also interested in popular science for a wider audience and considers illustrations a great tool for this. In 2019 she was a finalist at the SIU Art in Science Competition 2019 for her comic cartoon entitled “Seminal Fluid Extracellular Vesicles – The First Wingmen!”. Currently, in her free time, Helena is starting as a freelance scientific illustrator, if you want to know her work you can also visit her on twitter (@HelenaRodriCaro). Helena is part of SRUK / CERU’s Oxford press department and working group.

Helena illustrated “Los descubrimientos de Melí” (Sonia Patricia Castellanos Jiménez, Science-me a Story 2019) and “Ciencia de princesas” (Leticia Labat de Hoz, Science-me a Story 2019).




María Rodríguez López is a molecular biologist, she started her studies in Bilbao and finished them in Madrid specializing in genetics. She did her PhD thesis in the Margarita Salas Centre for Biological Research (CIB) in Madrid. After graduating, she moved to London to start a postdoc at UCL, where she works with yeast to understand the role of the genome’s “dark matter” (non-coding RNAs). She loves drawing since she was a kid and she is especially passionate about painting animals and nature.

María illustrated “Nanuq” (Nicole Pearson, Science-me a Story 2019).