After the success and the interest generated by the 2nd edition of Science-me a Story, we decided to present the initiative to the conference “Falling Walls Engage 2019”.

The fall of the Berlin Wall ushered in a new era of freedom by breaking down physical and imaginary barriers in Germany and around the world. Drawing inspiration from this historic moment, the “Falling Walls” conference is driven by the desire to discover: What are the next walls that will fall on science and society? Falling Walls is a unique global platform that connects science, business and society to create innovative solutions to challenges across borders and disciplines.

Every year, twenty of the world’s most daring and visionary scientists take the stage to showcase their scientific advances from the widest possible range of disciplines. Science-me a Story was one of those twenty finalists in 2019 and María Pín Nó, one of the organizers, traveled to Berlin to present it in the grand final.

Watch her presentation of Science-me a Story here:

Watch this short interview to know a bit more of Science-me a Story: