Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the dates and web updates could be altered

Finalist and Winner Photographs

The 4 winner photographs and the 12 finalists will be published here as soon as they are announced.

Finalist Photographs

The external panel will shortlist 12 photographs, the best 4 from each of the following categories:

  • originality and artistic character of the image
  • technique and quality of the photograph
  • research communication conveyed by the photograph, title and description

The 12 shortlisted photographs will be announced on 1st September of 2020.

They will be displayed at the VIII SRUK International Symposium (Oxford). During the exhibition the attendees will rate the shortlisted photographs.

Winner Photographs

There will be 4 winner photographs, the winners of each of the 3 categories (selected by the external panel) and the winner selected by the attendees to the VIII SRUK International Symposium.

The winner photographs will be announced during the last session of the VIII SRUK International Symposium (Dates to be confirmed).

All the 4 winners will be rewarded with £100 each.