• Grants will cover the mentee or mentor’s travelling expenses (see amounts below) to facilitate a face-to-face meeting between mentor and mentee.
  • Mentor and Mentee will agree on the need and key aspects to be covered during the face-to-face session. SRUK understands that in addition to the mentoring session, Mentor or Mentee could make use of this trip to undertake additional activities, i.e. attending an SRUK event, promoting the Mentor’s and/or Mentee’s career development, or other professional related aspects. Reasons and motivations for a face-to-face mentoring meeting, as well as additional activities, should be clearly explained and justified in the application form.


  • Mentees/Mentors will complete the Travel award form and submit it to [email protected].
  • Applications will include up to 200 words explaining the motivation for the face-to-face meeting, as well as other reasons for the trip that could be relevant for the Mentee’s professional career.
  • Submissions can be made at any time during the year. The SRUK Mentoring Committee will evaluate the application and respond as soon as possible without exceeding 3 weeks from the application.
  • Travel awards will be granted taking into account the following criteria:
  • Mentees (applications where the Mentee is travelling will have priority)
  • Incomes (priority will be given to students and those with lower incomes)
  • Travel distance between Mentor and Mentee (priority will be given to those with longer travel distance)
  • Career stage of the mentee (priority will be given to students in their final year of PhD or postdoctoral researchers   actively looking for opportunities to take the next step in their career)


  • Travel awards will only cover transportation in second class train tickets or low cost airlines and up to a maximum amount, which will depend on the travel distance (see guidelines below). Travel awards will only be granted if applied for before booking travel and will not be offered retrospectively. It will not cover any accommodation or other associated costs.
  • A maximum of one travel award every 12 month will be awarded per couple.
  • Travel awards will consist of the following: Less than 80 miles: up to £15; between 80 to 260 miles: up to £50; more than 260 miles: up to £75
  • The number of successful awards will depend on the number of applications received and budget availability.