• The Mentee is responsible for the arrangements of meetings.
  • The roles of the Mentor and the Mentee should be agreed in advance.
  • The Mentor should not act on behalf of the Mentee. The Mentor’s role is to challenge and support the Mentee and provide constructive feedback.
  • Mentors and Mentees should understand that sometimes there might be busier periods when it is difficult to respond to the duties of the Programme.
  • Both Mentor and Mentee should aim to keep each other updated and be aware that any matters discussed need to be treated as confidential.


  • The format, duration and frequency of the meetings will be mutually agreed by the Mentor and Mentee in the first meeting and shall change this format according to their convenience:


Mentor and Mentee can meet by either telephone, video/voice call services such as skype, e-mail, or through face-to-face meetings. It is the Mentee’s responsibility to make all the necessary arrangements for every meeting with the Mentor.


SRUK encourages to have a meeting every 2 months. At the end of each meeting, Mentors and Mentees will set up the date for the next meeting. Additional meetings may be requested occasionally by the Mentor or Mentee if needed.


To facilitate the discussion, Mentees have the option to fill the Mentoring Meeting Form and send it to the Mentor prior to the meeting.