• At the beginning, Mentors and Mentees will agree on the terms and duration of their relationship. These may have a defined aim in a delimited period of time (i.e. changing jobs) or may have a long term goal (i.e. progress in academic career).
  • For those relationships where no end is agreed, mentoring will terminate 12 months after the start. When both Mentor and Mentee wish to continue, they will communicate so to the SRUK/CERU Mentoring committee, which will renew for another year or until further notice.
  • Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to frequently review the status of their relationship and to terminate it when no common grounds are found or when situations change. Talk to your Mentor or Mentee about it, or to the SRUK/CERU Mentoring Committee if you prefer an external advice.
  • At any time, mentors or mentees can finish their relationship by providing a written confirmation to the SRUK/CERU Mentoring Committee.
  • If a Mentor or a Mentee does not meet their commitment without justification, such as repeatedly not replying to emails or not attending to arranged meetings, the other part will be able to raise the issue to the SRUK/CERU Mentoring committee, who will finalize the relationship, if appropriate. Mentors and Mentees that have not met their commitments will not be eligible to apply to the SRUK/CERU Mentoring Programme until they provide evidence that they will be able to commit to the Programme.