• The Mentor is a member of SRUK that encourages and supports less experienced members, the mentees, to maximize their potential, develop their skills and guide them in their careers.
  • Any regular or associate member of SRUK can act as a Mentor in this Programme, independently from their level of experience. Friends of SRUK may not participate in the Programme as mentors, except in certain circumstances (see FAQs). Mentors can have more than one mentee and they can also be a mentee in the SRUK Mentoring Programme.


  • Mentors need to undertake the training offered by SRUK.
  • Mentors are expected to meet with their mentees every 2 months.
  • The Mentor shall listen to the Mentee, give advice and resources as well as provide a framework of opportunities to develop the Mentee’s career.
  • The Mentor shall not be professionally related to the Mentee (i.e. PhD supervisor or line manager). SRUK advises that Mentor and Mentee do not have a collaborative relationship or have applied together for research funding. Mentors are advised not to provide references for the Mentee. Moreover, Mentors shall not act on behalf of the Mentee or judge their decisions.


  • Gain greater self-awareness
  • Enhance supervisory / line management skills
  • Strengthen leadership capability
  • Increased reflection and understanding on own practice
  • Develop professional relationships, networking and collaboration
  • New knowledge and perspective
  • Negotiation skills
  • Personal satisfaction and fulfilment though supporting the development of others
  • Empower your career and your CV
  • Free training courses funded by SRUK
  • Formal certification (upon request)
  • Mentor Recognition Award. Outstanding performance from mentors will be rewarded