Women in Science and the Glass Ceiling

· Oxford

The Oxford constituency held a discussion panel entitled “Women in science and the glass ceiling” where three invited speakers gave a short talk about the topic, followed by a discussion where the attendees  actively participated.

The invited experts highlighted how the world of science needs to become accessible for everyone, women, and girls. The discussion covered the earlier stages of education, where children become interested in science, to the later stages of the scientific career, where excellent science and innovation require the talents of both women and men. We will evaluate why women’s progress in research is slow and why there are too few female scientists occupying top positions in scientific decision-making, limiting the important potential of highly skilled human capital.

The event took place the 18th of November at the The Jam Factory (Hollybush Row, Oxford, OX1 1HU) and started at 10:30 AM.


10:30h – Welcome reception
10:45h Dr Stephanie Hayton – From High school to Academia
11:05h Dr Debbie Hayton – Teaching and learning in two genders
11:25h Dr María Jiménez – Women in Academia
11:45h Dr Niranjan Thatte – Athena Swan program: which policies can be taken at the academic level?

12:00-13:00h Panel discussion

This was a free event and open to the public, but registration was needed via Eventbrite.