Seminar on the Impact of Research

· Cambridge

Publishing papers is just the first step of many towards making your research impact society.

Precisely, in this seminar we explored the ways excellent research brings about positive impact in our society and how sometimes these aspects are overlooked by scientists. The three experts invited (see below) focused on the consequences of science beyond academia in aspects such as society, economy or political affairs.

During the seminar the speakers discussed what can be done to ensure that our research makes a difference and encourage you to explore, from the outset and throughout the life of your project and beyond, who could potentially benefit from our research and what we can do to make this happen.

Finally, we enjoyed a lively round table that allowed us to share ideas and deepen in different aspects of the seminar.


  • Richard van Noorden, Features Editor, Springer Nature.
  • Carlos Lopez Gomez, Head of Knowledge Transfer, POLICY LINKS, Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (CSTI).
  • Agnieszka Iwasiewicz, Knowledge Transfer Facilitator, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge.