SRUK/CERU in the the 4th Week of Science in the Spanish School “Vicente Cañada Blanch”

· London

Between the 15th and 22nd of May, the Spanish School in London Vicente Cañada Blanch organized its Science Week, where several SRUK members volunteered as speakers. Maria Hernández Fuentes, Irene Rebollo Mesa y Eduardo Oliver showed how to design and what is the purpose of a clinical trial, which allowed students to confirm the benefits of a healthy breakfast. José Antonio Carrillo de la Plata talked about mathematical models in sciences. Also, José Vicente Torres Pérez and María José Cano among others covered the relation between science and society, uncovered the mysteries of chemistry, geology, how is the inside of a computer or how to build a bridge. To finalize, Eduardo Oliver and Raquel Pérez showed how to extract DNA from a kiwi and explained the practical benefits of this technique in research.