Global Challenges: Climate Change and Sustainability

· Manchester


To commemorate 2018 earth’s Day, London and Northwest constituencies are delighted to present a seminar series on global challenges. Seminars will include the collaboration of experts in different topics related with the Sustainable Developments Goals, panels and round tables.

The Northwest organised seminar will be focused on Climate Change & Sustainability and it is taking place on 21st of April at Instituto Cervantes of Manchester. It addresses two aspects of special relevance. Firstly, presentation on the latest advances in scientific knowledge regarding global warming and climate change and, secondly, the debate on proposals that establish the steps that citizens, individually, collectively and institutionally, can carry out to reduce our so-called “ecological footprint”.

The agenda for the one day seminar is detailed bellow:


This seminar will be held in conjunction with the Instituto Cervantes of Manchester, and will be part of a cycle of activities around “The week of the Earth”.

This is a free event, please book your place and join us!