Global Challenges: Climate Change and Sustainability

· Manchester

To commemorate 2018 Earth’s Day, at the SRUK North West constituency we organised a seminar on Climate Change and Sustainability with Dr. Ana Payo (University of Aberdeen), Dr. Rachel Freeman, Dr. Sherilyn MacGregor, and Joe Blakey (University of Manchester) as invited speakers. We finished our event with a round table led by Marc Hudson (University of Manchester and editor of the Manchester Climate Change Monthly), discussing the actions we can carry out as citizens to fight climate change and promote sustainable development for the planet.

The seminar took place on 21st of April at Instituto Cervantes of Manchester and addressed two aspects of special relevance. Firstly, presentation on the latest advances in scientific knowledge regarding global warming and climate change and, secondly, the debate on proposals that establish the steps that citizens, individually, collectively and institutionally, can carry out to reduce our so-called “ecological footprint”.

Highlights on the topics discussed at the seminar are published in the following blog posts: