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WHEN: 21st July 2020, 14:00h-16:00h

WHERE: Online.

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The Southwest constituency is glad to present the Python webinar, part II. In this follow up webinar we will continue exploring the Python programming language. First, we will quickly recap key concepts discussed in the previous session. Then, we will introduce Python dictionaries, methods, program flow and file handling. This should significantly expand your programming toolbox and give you more than enough to understand (and develop!) relatively advanced algorithms on your own.

As usual, this session is aimed at a diverse audience, and therefore no prior programming or computing experience is required. However, a soft prerequisite would be to have watched and understood the previous session (or analogous material), where we covered number types (integers and floats), boolean, strings, lists, tuples, sets, as well as the boolean and None types.

  • Python basic data types: recap
  • Dictionaries
  • Program flow
  • Methods
  • Read/Write operations with files
  • This session will combine live coding with support material (text and images) for solidifying important concepts. There will also be time for hands-on exercises and a Q&A at the end.


Be fluent with Jupyter Notebooks and Google Colab, and know how to programmatically load, edit and save files in your hard drive.

Write Python programs with custom program flow.

Understand key concepts such as objects, modules, classes and methods.


Level: These seminar series are intended as an introduction to Python from scratch. However, while you are not expected to have any programming experience, it is recommended that you are familiar with the topics covered in Python From Scratch Video I Video II.

Logistics: The course will be delivered using Google Colab. You do not have to install anything in your machine. You only need a computer and a Google account.

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INSTRUCTOR: Luis Espinosa-Anke, PhD