Python Webinar. Part I

The South West constituency has organized a webinar about the popular programming language, Python. If you want to participate, register here and be ready on Tuesday 19th of May, from 14h to 16h.

Python is currently one of the most widely used programming languages. In addition to its popularity in software engineering, it is remarkably popular in science and technology as well, and the go-to tool of many researchers who deal with data of any kind. However, starting programming without technical background can be intimidating, and sometimes it is not easy to see an immediate connection between our own use case (e.g., business, biology, education or journalism) and computing. This workshop, thus, is intended to give a gentle introduction to Python, from fundamental notions to advanced data types, objects, and will provide all attendees with the basic tools needed for pursuing more ambitious programming projects.


– What is a program?

– Variables and types

– Program flow

– Collections, sequences and sets

– Dealing with files

We will cover a bit of theory in each section and we will combine ‘live coding’ with small hands-on exercises. There will be time to ask questions at the end of the workshop, and these may range from discussing (alternative) solutions to the exercises to doubts about Python in general, or suggestions for future practice for those hungry for more.


– Become familiar with Jupyter Notebooks, specifically the Google Colab online environment.

– Write Python code for performing different operations over numbers, text, Python objects and files.

– Manage and edit (one or many) files at the same time.


– Level: This seminar is intended as an introduction to Python from scratch, you are not expected to know anything about computing to be able to follow (and enjoy!) the workshop.

– Logistics: The course will be delivered using Google Colab. You do not have to install anything in your computerYou only need a computer and a Google account. Register here.


Luis Espinosa-Anke, PhD